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21 January 2009 @ 05:50 pm
This week has been quite eventful.

On Friday, I went out with Katie and some of her friends. I got way to drunk. WAY. TO. DRUNK.
I made out with this pretty cute guy though! He's pretty foxy. And nice (what a bonus!) It was exciting. We've been talking a little, I got his number yesterday. Hmmm....
Anyways, after that, I walked home with Katie. I'm surprised I even made it home. I don't really remember a lot about halfway through the walk.
I remember walking, then being in my room.
I can't get that drunk again for a while.

I woke up the next day with the worst (and only!) hangover. It was odd. I had been this drunk before-and drunker-but never got a hangover. It was probably because I mostly drank was beer. I usually get liquor drunk. Anyways, all I could do for the majority of the day was lay down, and maybe open my eyes if I tried really hard. I only got up when the contents of my stomach decided to make a mass exodus from my body.

As I was dying from this hangover given to me by Satan himself, my sister, Daisy, calls me to inform me that she had broken her leg and really needed me to drive up to Nebraska to hang out with her while she gets used to living with one leg out of commission. Once I was able to operate a motorized vehicle , I got in my car and drove 4 hours to Lincoln.

So I went up to Lincoln, Nebraska. It was fun.

I'm back in Lawrence now. I'm enjoying myself more than I was first semester. I actually know people now. I met some really cool people at that party.

I'm going to a LOST party tonight. I'm ready.
I love that show.
16 January 2009 @ 05:55 pm
My first "week" of school is over with.
-French: decent. I'm with the same teacher I was with last semester. There's this thug that seems pretty cool and this douche (no pun intended haha) I was partnered up with today.
-English: seems fun. All we are doing is reading some awesome sounding books. The teacher's name is Storey (pronounced Story), how fitting! I'm excited to read Lolita, it sound super interesting.
-Math: really boring and really big. 700 people!? Wow.
-History: My teacher is adorable and French. She compared reading and writing an analysis to having a child.

This weekend is a long one. It seems weird, only having 2 days of classes then having a long weekend. I might go home. I'm not sure yet.
One of my roommates has a boy over. If you knew anything about my roommate, it would be that her having a boy over is a preposterous thing to imagine. She doesn't know I know that she has a boy over yet, she thought I was asleep whenever I was really just being a snoop. She picked him up from the airport, got him presents, and is wearing nice perfume. My other roommate informed me that she frequently talks to a 24 year old online. Hmmmmm..... I wonder if he's staying here. If so, I might give her shit, I remember she was giving me mad shit at the beginning of the year about having my boyfriend over. She was afraid I'd have sex with him. haha. Yes Melanie, I'm going to have sex with my boyfriend when you are present. She's so sheltered. It really gets on my nerves sometimes.
I made an awesome friendship bracelet this week at Katie's.

I might go to a stranger's birthday party tonight.
13 January 2009 @ 11:35 pm

02 January 2009 @ 12:32 am
I think I've decided to start using Livejournal.
It'll be nice.
New Year, recent breakup..
Maybe it will be good to have somewhere to go to let everything out.

Or maybe I'll forget about it in a week.